An excursion up north.

Nadia and I took a trip to Eastern Canada in October, 2004. We went to Québec and Ottawa.

We went partly because there was a medical meeting Nadia wanted to go to, plus we just wanted to see the area.

We did some hiking in and around the old walled city of Québec, founded in 1608 and amazingly well preserved.

Québec was built by the French during the time that France and England struggled for control of the New World. This is an ancient gate in the walls that surrounded what was then a frontier settlement.

Today the city still looks like a little piece of Europe right here in America.

We walked by this lovely building on the first day of our second honeymoon. It was called the "Drill Hall," a reference to the town's military past. Nadia found the name funny, but she wouldn't tell me why.

The author and the Québec capitol.

Nadia seemed fascinated by these bare-breasted ladies sitting on top of the Québec capitol building and requested that I photograph them. The French influence seemed to be taking a toll on my wife.

Part of the reason we were there was to see the color changes in the autumn foliage.

The colors were awesome.



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