An excursion up north, page 3.

The street scenes in Québec resembled France.

There were lots of beautiful sidewalk cafes on regular streets as well as pedestrian-only byways, but it was a little nippy for us to be sitting outside.

Inside the Québec cathedral.

These schoolchildren were re-enacting one of the battles that took place here on the Plains of Abraham centuries ago.

History is big here, the whole old town of Québec is a big living museum.

The Plains of Abraham, a lovely stretch of bluffs along the Saint Lawrence River, was the site of some horrifically bloody battles between the French and the English a few hundred years ago. Now it's a bilingual nature trail.

There were many placards describing the flora and fauna of the area. We stopped and studied them all.

I found this one especially interesting -- obviously a famous plant, but quite rare in my southern Arizona home.

For all my fellow desert dwellers, here's a picture of the real article.



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