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des chats.

This guy was actually one of the better drivers we saw in Canada.

We love this style of architecture. The outer wall is built right up against the street. The "yard," or outdoor living area, is inside the building, in an inner courtyard that is private.

Nadia wonders why the parking meters are so far from the curb.

A rock sculpture on the parliament grounds depicting an abstract human form. Was Nadia trying to give me some kind of a signal?

Overview of Old Québec City and the St. Lawrence River. This photo was taken from an observation deck on the thirtieth floor of a new-ish skyscraper in New Quèbec.

After one night in the hostel, we moved over to the Hilton, which overlooked the old city from just outside the walls. This is the view looking to the left outside our ninth floor hotel window.

To the right was a splendid view of parliament.

The night view.

We switched from the bunkbeds of the hostel to a king-sized bed, cable TV, and room service in the Hilton. This was really starting to feel like a honeymoon!

The old walls around Québec still stand, over 300 years after they were built.

A rare passageway through the wall.

The obligatory phone shot.



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