Christmas in Europe



Nadia and I went to Europe for Christmas.

We started off in London.

Victoria embankment is a broad pedestrian path beside the Thames River.

Westminster Bridge and Parliament are in the background.

It was actually Christmastime, 2008; I just forgot to set the date on my camera.

It's dark, like, all the time in England in the winter.

I had to get good at taking pictures at night.

The Houses of Parliament along the Thames River.

At 4 pm.

The Eye of London is a new feature attraction, situated beside the Aquarium.

We stayed in Ludgate Hill, a very old section of town.

The view of St Paul's Cathedral from the pavement (English for "sidewalk") in front of the hotel.

We arrived, jetlagged as always, to find London dark, rainy, and freezing.

Nadia's response was predictable.

"Let's go for a walk!" she said.

The Millineum footbridge with St Paul's in the background.

We walked over to the south side of the river, where the street life was.

Like I said, it was dark all the time. I guess rollerbladers have to dress like this.

The city lights gave the long European nights a cheerful beauty.

St Paul's Cathedral.

Hot tea on a cold night.

Along the south bank of the Thames, near Millenium Bridge.

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