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Page 4 -- More walking tour of London

The Inns of Court

Just like in my home town of Tucson, the lawyers in London had staked out some prime real estate for their offices.

Private strolling garden where, throughout the ages, the great legal minds of the Empire have gone to ponder the law.

Meanwhile, across the Strand, sit the Royal Courts of Justice.

We went in and talked to the nice security guard, who assured us that this wasn't an old cathedral, but was actually originally constructed to be the courthouse.

Yeah, right!

Like all self-guided walking tourists in foreign lands, we were on the lookout for bathrooms as we wandered around.

Imagine our delight at finding this under the Strand -- the Loo of the Year winner!

Surely you don't imagine we passed up the chance to investigate this!

(but no photos in the public toilet -- even I have my limits.)

A few steps farther along, we came upon this, a public outdoor iceskating rink, in front of another fabulous building.

Very Christmassy.

Very Euro.

More Big Ben.

More Parliament.

I just couldn't get enough of this section of London.

Westminster Cathedral, where they now charge something like 25 simoleans per head to look at the bricks from the inside.

We decided to come back when they were having an organ concert.

We stumbled across this little find across the street from the cathedral and popped in for a peek.

Methodism was the church I grew up in.

It was full of offices and, in the middle, this spiffing sanctuary.

Maybe we should come here for the organ concert.

Looks beefy.

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