Baja California

A slightly different angle on a classic vacation spot.

Nadia and I jetted to the tip of the Baja peninsula for my birthday.

Cabo is quite the party destination. The plane was full of merry-makers who started working on getting drunk as soon as the plane was in the air.

After landing we took a colectivo, a communal taxi, towards Cabo San Lucas with others from the plane, after they'd stopped at the outdoor bar to replenish their drinks.

Our companions suddenly stopped bragging about their world travels when the van stopped at the outskirts of San Josť del Cabo, a smaller town.

"Where are we?" they exclaimed, looking bleary-eyed out the windows at the dusty Mexican roadside.

"What are you going to do here!" we heard them asking, as we hopped out of the van, shouldered our backpacks, and started walking towards the plaza.

We hiked through the non-tourist section, passing this, the San Josť Funeral Parlor.

San Josť del Cabo's plaza, the center of town and the main tourist shopping district.

We stayed at the Hotel Tropicana, right on the plaza.


It had a beautiful courtyard and swimming pool and a chichi restaurant.

It was about a mile to the beach. We shucked our packs in the hotel and hoofed it, making it there just in time for the sunset.

No big resort hotels = uncrowded beach.

Dinner was on the roof of the historic Central House on the plaza, where goods had been distributed to the earliest settlers in the region.

Now it's the El Centenary Restaurant, tastefully decorated with whale vertebrae.



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