Spring at Pantano Ranch

Nadia and I decided to head out to the ranch for a few days.

The road in is a little steep.

This is our badminton court, constructed for our wedding out of ranch debris by my good buddy Marcus and my brother.

I took the opportunity to teach my dog Zamboni how to walk around with her eyes closed.

It's a simple trust exercise that any dog can learn in a few minutes.

Zamboni is not amused by my attempts at humor.

What we really did was get caught up on some gardening. It was April 4th, our 4th wedding anniversary!

We've been doing some water-harvesting, putting up walls of stone and straw bales across some of the arroyos that cross through the ranch.

It seems to be working.

We cleared out the cholla trying to take over the trail to our propane tank.

Nadia the photographer wisely stayed on the other side of the fence during this procedure.

I'm just at that point in my life when I'm too old to take any attitude off a cholla.

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