Tucson, Arizona

I've lived in southern Arizona most of my life. All my friends in Ohio think I'm incredibly lucky to be living in a paradise like Arizona, and, while I love this place, I think they're lucky to be living in green, watery Ohio.

Perhaps it's the opposite, the complement, of that famous rule of veterinary medicine that we learned in The Wizard of Oz ... "There's no place like home." This rule would be, "There's no place like somewhere-else-than home."

Here's some photos of my new-and-old home, the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona.

This is my new house, waaaay out on the edge of Tucson. It's nice to be out in the desert, we see lots of wildlife and it's cooler here than in the city, but I have a long commute and it makes me feel kind of isolated.

This is a kind of cactus called "cholla," pronounced "CHOY-uh," aka "jumping cactus." It doesn't really jump on you when you walk by, but it seems like it, sometimes. If you brush it at all with your skin or clothing a piece of it will attach itself to you. And hurt. A lot. House in background.

This is a patch of prickly pear cactus, very common here, in front of my house. The Rincon mountains are in the background and on the far right you can just make out the white roofline of my house down below the bluff.

More cholla.

We have some killer sunsets here. Here's one, there will be more to come.

Yrs truly.

Pricklypear fruit

Nadia hiking hear Elephant Head in the Santa Rita mountains about 20 miles south of here.

Hiking along the Santa Cruz river, west of the Santa Ritas near Tumacacori. We walked from Tubac to Tumacacori, retracing the footsteps of Juan Bautista de Anza, who came this way in 1775, having departed from Horcasitas, Mexico, en route to establish the presidio at Monterey, California.


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