Our Wedding Album

Wedding photos! Yea! You can look through all the pages in order by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page, or use this list of hyperlinks to go the page you want to see.

Page One, wherein the wedding party begins to gather on the day before the wedding.

Page Two, where we meet for the wedding-eve party.

Page Three, where the party continues on into the wedding breakfast.

Page Four, the wedding breakfast continues.

Page Five, where the wedding guests prepare the ranch for the celebration.

Page Six, where we witness the dressing the bride.

Page Seven, where the wedding ceremony begins.

Page Eight, where the wedding ceremony continues.

Page Nine, where the families take part in the ceremony.

Page Ten, where we see the friends' part of the ceremony.

Page Eleven, where we learn about the wedding license.

Page Twelve onward, where we see the pictures of the cognoscente, the glamorous, the sagacious, the sublime... in a word, the guests.

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